Thursday, November 24, 2011


oil on board
50 hours
This painting needs to be varnished and then rephotographed. I imagine the shadows will deepen and it will look a bit better. But until then here she is...

after day two, 10 - 12 hours work

after day one, about 6 hours work

one hour grisialle block-in

10 minute block-in

view of set up in my studio

I consider this one a failed painting. The original #5. I spent one days work on it, woke up the next morning an wiped it out. I just wasn't feeling it. Then I proceeded to start the painting that ended up being #5. The yellow doll character was too 'sunny' for me. I felt I wanted to do something a bit 'darker' and realized that I was more drawn to the old raggedy Anne doll. I guess we just have to follow our instincts.

20 minute block-in

5 minute block-in


  1. Great Job Kerry! I really like the setup and how the other animal are looking at the rag doll. How was this lit?

  2. Thanks JT! I had a warm halogen light from below as the main light source. However there is a little bit of natural light bouncing in above which gives some of the shadows that bluish color. Makes the arrangement even more colorful and is a bit more challenging to paint with the two light sources. I think this is one of my more successful still life paintings and I think it has something to do with the subject matter. I find this subject matter imaginative and a connection to when I was young. Keep up the good painting yourself!

  3. Nice painting Kerry! I love it! It has a lot of feeling. I would love to see more like this. Its interesting the way you used the shelves in your studio. I have plenty of toys in my attic if you need more.

  4. There is so much to like about this painting, the subject, the colors, the lighting, the mood, the magic! I really like it!! Thanks for sharing your ups and downs with painting it. I can appreciate your frustration and success!

  5. this one wowed me like the first time i saw toy story. loving the lighting where cyan to violet shadows reall work well.
    -Matt Paley