Sunday, March 3, 2013

Self Portrait

Toto and I
oil on canvas
I worked on this painting for the better part of three months, logged in about 260 hours. Probably my most ambitious portrait to date. Feeling pretty good about it. Hope folks like it.


  1. Kerry- This is a powerful and striking painting. Your composition is wonderfully dynamic and yet balanced. Colors are luxurious and rich. Love the cat and the blue note on the brush tip. Would love to get you down south for a workshop one day soon.

  2. Kerry I absolutely love this painting! Congratulations on this stunning piece, bravo! Also congrats on being a finalist!

  3. well done sir! love the others as well.

  4. Just saw it on the cover of American Art Collector....Brilliant and masterful!

  5. Thanks for sharing your is superb.I am an amateur artist self taught ,and it shows.Your talent gives me something to aim for.Steve.