Friday, October 14, 2011

# 2

# 2
16 x 18
oil on board
7 hours
Lesson Learned: Overcast lighting is the bomb.

1 and half hours -block in

start - 5 minutes

Picture of start with subject in background.
This is my tiny back backyard in the city, I planted roses earlier in the spring and this is my first time painting them. It is also my first time painting in this type of light which may now be my favorite lighting situation. I plan later to pop a few edges in the flower more and glaze the leaf directly behind it with some pthalo turquiose, but otherwise it is 99% done. This one was so much fun.


  1. Kerry, I absolutely love this painting!! I love the lighting on the rose and leaves and how they pop against the background. Also love the texture and colors in your background. Roses are my favorite flowers and you made this one sing! Love to hear what your palette colors were for this painting. :D

  2. Okee dokee. I use the same colors for everything I paint no matter the lighting condition or subject matter. Alizeron crimson permanent, permanent rose, perelene red, cadmium red, cadmium scarlet, cadmium orange, indian yellow, cadmium yellow medium, cadmium lemon yellow, viriduan, pthalo green, pthalo turquoise, ultramarine blue, dioxazine purple and titanium white.

  3. Well done Kerry.
    Did you take out cadmium green, cerulean blue, and raw sienna out of your palette?

  4. Hey JT!
    I took cad green, cad green light, raw sienna, cad red deep, cerulean blue and cobalt blue off of my palette. Some colors I didn't really use. The greens came out a little too unnatural in past paintings and so this was an attempt to stop that, also I can mix almost any green with cad yellow and cad lemon and viridian and pthalo green. The blues I sorta used indiscriminately from each other, so I reduced them down to one, ultramarine. I have a palette I am pretty comfortable with and still feel I have an expansive range. I wouldn't mind tinkering with some earth tones at some point...!

  5. I really like your direction with these new paintings. I've been doing this alla prima stuff for a couple of years now and have learned so much about my approach and technical capabilities. I know your just gonna love it and push yourself just as much. So far the paintings are looking great man, keep it up! Excited to see more.

  6. Thanks very much for listing the colors on your palette Kerry! Happy Painting!