Sunday, October 9, 2011

First post - mission statement

This blog is set up to catalog the results of a new venture I am embarking on. One painting a day for 50 days. This is not a new idea, other painters have already famously pioneered this way of working. I would like to borrow the concept because it may be a way for me to loosen up and get my creative juices flowing, create a larger body of work, and to work and think in the moment which is where I believe I do much of my best work. I have a bit of a tendency to over think things when I have unlimited time and this can often (but not always) cause a painting to get stuck in the middle stages of trying to create "art". I think this venture will be a lot of fun as well as much work and commitment. The subjects of this series can be anything and everything. I will probably start out with still life arrangements and then begin expanding organically to other genres such as interiors, landscapes, cityscapes and then anything else that might catch my interest. I am hoping it will evolve into tackling subjects I have never painted before and could be ideas for more involved paintings later! The sizes of the paintings will vary also, 12 x 12 being about he smallest and as large as 24 x 24 and possibly even larger? In my mind, larger canvases simply means larger brushes and more paint. The goal of course is to complete each oil painting in one session also known as alla prima. It will also be interesting to see how the paintings evolve over time. The two examples I provide below do not count toward the 100, so as of now I am at zero. Also since my schedule varies throughout the week with teaching or other projects the 50 days will not be consecutive. If I were to do three a week it will take me approximately 4 months, then I will try to feel where it should go from there. Wish me luck...!

This is a one day still life painting from a few years back done at Studio Incamminati.

16 x 20

This is a landscape painting I completed yesterday in about 2 hours for the Plein Air for Camphill event.

14 x12

More of my work can be seen at

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  1. Wishing you much luck and fun in your new painting venture Kerry!