Tuesday, October 25, 2011


oil on canvas
12 x 12 circle
5 hours

45 minutes
(my cat Bo-ski to the left)

5 minutes

This is the view from the roof above the kitchen, located at the back of the house, looking south. I have been wanting to paint this view for awhile. I hope to do more of these!


  1. Hey Kerry- I am really enjoying your Blog and watching your paintings develop. The rooftop paining is really magical. It takes me back to my days in Brooklyn when we use to spend a lot of time on the roof. I can relate to your sharing about painting what is in front of you and feeling inspired instead of planning to much. I wrestle with that a lot. Keep up the great work, its very inspiring!

  2. Thanks Jeff-

    This project is so far been really good for me for that very reason. I still have paintings that are duds or that I abandon, but it has really sped up my process and painting is fun again (thank god). Hope your painting is going well also. Best!

  3. So the rooftop painting party will be when???

  4. nailed it. yo captured daylight so well and a very interseting composition.
    Matt Paley